HOMI Smart’s protagonists.
From digital “experts” to influencers, here are some of the people involved in HOMI Smart.
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Cristina Alasio

Cristina Alasio is a young girl from Torino. Since she was young, she was attracted by the world of art and design, for this reason she decided to connect with design in the university.
She earned a bachelor’s degree in Product Design at the Politecnico of Torino.
Then she decided to frequent the master degree in Design for the Fashion System at Politecnico of Milano, to obtain a complete view of the world of design.

Her projects are always distinguished by a characteristic taste for geometry and determined lines, an impact and resolute style.


Andrea Amichetti

Director of “Edizioni Zero”. Since 1996, ZERO has been the most read magazine about events and lifestyles. Since 2007 the website is a landmark to discover where to go, what to do and with whom. Always for free, always in the city, both on paper and smartphone, always in the pocket. Each hour of the day ZERO’s media spread out to half a million young people. Where these youngsters are having fun, ZERO is always there with them.


Guido Arnone

Digital Advisor. Guido Arnone started his career at Siemens Telecommunications. In 1998, he started working for Vodafone, moved to London in 2009 to become Director of the “Vodafone 360 program” and Director of IP communication services. From 2011, Guido joined Expo 2015’s team as Director of technological and digital innovation.


Alessandro Arosio

Assistant Manager MMC Partners. In 2007, he starts working at MMC Partners Communication Agency as Junior Account and Junior Marketing. In 2014, he attends the Master in “Marketing & Digital Communication” at Sole 24Ore Business School. In the same year, he starts a collaboration with the design department of Politecnico di Milano to develop a social innovation project called “Make In Progress”.

andrea ausili

Andrea Ausili

Data & Innovation Manager at GS1 Italy, which brings together 35 K companies of consumer goods and disseminates global standards GS1, among them the bar code. He deals with projects involving the proper and efficient management of product data exchange between partner trading companies. He follows the GS1 initiatives on digital innovation, regarding topics such as digital coupons, mobile commerce and projects in support of omnichannel strategies in retail companies.


Sabina Barcucci

Managing Director MUSE FabLab. Since 2013, she has been the director of MUSE FabLab, one of the first FabLab based in a scientific center. Recently she started collaborating with Opendot FabLab in Milan, where she works as special project manager and instructional designer, mixing open design, educational projects and technology. She participated to events and conferences in the most various contexts, from the ECSITE Conference to the Internet Festival.


Daniele Belleri

Urban Journalist and consultant. Professional journalist with a multidisciplinary vocation, Daniele Belleri writes and gives consultancies about design. Partner of Granger Press agency, he is communication manager for Carlo Ratti Associati and teaches at Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design of Moscow. He often collaborates with Wired Italia, Domus and Corriere della Sera.



Giulia Bestetti

22-year-old freshly graduated in Industrial Design – Furniture in Politecnico di Milano, I was always fascinated by the relationship between people and objects. The objects we accept to keep in our homes and lives become finally part of what we are. Design is magical and it is able to give us experiences and emotions. This is the reason why I chose to become what I am today, to be able to give a new shape to things.


Massimo Bianchini

Designer, PhD in Design at Politecnico di Milano, he is researcher by the Design Department. In 2015 he attended the Fab Academy and he became lab manager di Polifactory. His interests focalizes on design linked to the shift of production models, referring in particular to distributed microproduction and self-production models. Since 2015 he is professor at Design School of Politecnico di Milano.

biraghi network

Giacomo Biraghi

International expert on urban strategies, degree in Public Administration Economics at Bocconi University in Milan and City Design and Social Sciences at the London School of Economics in London.
Specialist in strategic management of complex local projects, he takes care of initiatives of public administration and local service companies, in Italy and abroad (Government Plan of Milan’s Territory, Cityprofile of Buenos Aires). For Milan’s Chamber of Commerce, he coordinates the Integrated System for Tourism and the Thematic Tables in view of Expo 2015.
TEDx organizer of Porta Nuova in 2013.
He was Digital and Media PR of Expo2015, creator of the #expottimisti hashtag on Twitter and various other initiatives.


Constantino Bongiorno

WeMake Founder. He started the collaborating with Massimo Banzi (Arduino) as an interaction designer and trainer in 2008, organizing workshops, meetings and events called “people who do strange things with electricity”. He collaborated with, with the Wefab team and he worked for the project Maker Faire Rome. In 2014 he founded WeMake.


Carmen Brambilla

Owner MMC Partners. She worked for many years as a marketing and communication consultant, for important national and international companies in the Organized Distribution Consumer Electronics. She gained throughout the years a deep knowledge of marketing applied to the development of Cooperatives and national Corporations.


Christiane Bürklein

Degree in languages and literature. RINA interpreter in the energy sector. Language consultant for a number of architecture and engineering studios in Italy and abroad and technical translator. A dedicated architecture and design networker with a particular interest in everything environmentally and socially sustainable.
Writes about architecture and a somehow greener way of life at Livegreenblog with a special interest for social sustainability and architectural photography.


Marcia Caines

Head of communication Punkt. Punkt. was founded in 2008 by Petter Nerby and a group of international experts passionate of design and semplicity. Punkt’s head office is in Switzerland and its art director designer is Jasper Morrison. The company’s first product was DP 01, a cordless phone presented in 2011.


Alba Cappellieri

Full Professor of Design of Jewellery and Fashion Accessory at the Politecnico di Milano, where she is the Head of the Fashion Design Degree. She is the Director of the International Master in Accessory Design and is a member of the Scientific Committee of Ecole Van Cleef & Arpels in Paris. From 2013 to 2016 she taught at Stanford University. In 2017 she was appointed Ambassador of Italian Design in Osaka. From 2014 she is the director of the Jewellery Museum in Vicenza.


Roberto Carraro

Owner Carraro Lab. He graduated from Accademia di Brera and collaborated with the most important publishers and cultural italian institutions, ranging from Biennale di Venezia to Fiera di Milano. Together with his brother, he produced a series of works and digital projects. The two brothers become partners in the development of Applix, with which they create in 2015 the Immersive App Being Leonardo. For Expo 2015, they develop technological prototypes such as Cyberexpo and the Smart City App.


Valentina Carta

Digital Project Manager Latte Creative. Graduated in Communication Sciences, she gained experience in project management thanks to her professional experiences in the world of design. As a social media strategist, she collaborated with NGOs and was the official Instagram Curator for the Italian Pavilion at Biennale di Architettura di Venezia. Between 2008 and 2011, she worked for Interaction Design Lab, a company focussed on interaction design.


Federico Castelli

Designer. He starts working with Studio Antonio Gardoni in 2006, for which he develops projects in Italy, China and the UK. Since 2013, he is a partner of Studio AG where he works as a project director of commercial and residential areas, and communication. Besides this, he follows the artistic direction of companies like IB rubinetti. In 2016, he founds the studio Federico Castelli Design.


Giulia Corti

Giulia Corti was born on March 18, 1994 and she graduated in Product Design at Politecnico di Milano.
Designer for a short time, design lover for long time. She is always looking for every possible way to better herself, to grow up, to learn, to love even more the design world.
Since the third year of university she has collaborated with NYC Projects studio, a company that deals with interior design projects and works together with some of the most important characters of architecture and design, like Patricia Urquiola and Marcel Wanders, and that put her in contact with a dynamic reality.
In the work field she deals with a variety of activities, like design, counseling, sites management, budgeting and in the spare time she cultivates photography, painting and graphics.


Annibale D’Elia

Co-founder of Innovare x includere, an urban policies think tank based in Milan.
Expert in the fields of youth affairs, social innovation and citizen services, for many years he has been dealing with strategies and practices 2.0 aimed at improving public policies.
Since 2007 he has been working for “Bollenti Spiriti”, the youth program launched by the region of Puglia.
In 2012 he was part of a task force put in place by the Italian Government to work on innovative startups.
Today he works as a policy advisor for local municipalities, central and regional authorities.


Marco De Allegri

Architect & Interior Designer for more than 20 years between Milan and France.
Tutor at Politecnico Bovisa – Faculty of Design, connoisseur and enthusiast of Italian Design.
Education | Degree in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano and Master in New Digital Professions at Il Sole 24 Ore.


Mattia Della Libera

He works at Experientia as experience and digital services designer. He developed for Casa Jasmina a Design Research model based on social media. He graduated at Relational Design Master with “Social Spiritualità”: a research on social media strategies of Italian spiritual communities. In the spare time he runs after buzzwords.

Twitter: @mttdlllbr


Alvise De Sanctis

Urban consultant and program manager, he is an expert in urban development and Smart Cities. After a Master at Bocconi University’s School of Management in Milan, he coordinates complex initiatives such as the feasibility study for the Information Pavilion of Milan Expo 2015, the regeneration of Cascina Cuccagna and projects for MITO SettembreMusica, New York’s Italian Academy Foundation and the Teatro alla Scala in Milan. He is currently the Coordinator of ExpoinCittà.



Founded in Milan in 2004, dotdotdot is a multidisciplinary design studio that blends architecture, staging and design with interaction design and technological innovation. Within itself there are philosophers, architects, designer, engineers, computer scientists that collaborate overtaking sectorial separations. Thanks to different and complementary knowledges, dotdotdot is able to embrace the project in all its most complex aspects, using research and experimentation as bases to elaborate new architecture and projects. In 2014 dotdotdot found Opendot, a FabLab: a planning and production space where design, digital technologies and craftsmanship meet, a place of encounter and exchange, a hotbed of experimentation, innovation and research.


Gianandrea Facchini

Passionate about strategy and the web. Curious about what people think and write, he loves to listen others’ point of view. That’s why in 2008 he launched Buzzdetector , a Digital Intelligence, Social Media Analysis, Strategic Business insights firm.

He also loves dogs, Modern art, Pinot noir, running and cycling.


Donatella Galli

President ART- Arti della tavola e del Regalo Confcommercio. Under her leadership, which started in July 2004, the Association develops ambitious projects of renovation and relaunch which ends with the denomination of ART – Arti della Tavola e del Regalo (Arts of the Table and of the Gift). On October 18, 2010, she was awarded with the European Prize “Terziario Donna”. She occupies important positions of adviser for Confcommercio Unione, Ente Mutuo and Milan’s Camera di Commercio.


Antonio Gardoni

Architect and designer with international experience, he is an innovator in the world of the design language for both commercial and experiential projects. For more than 10 years ago, he has been working in close collaboration with Jump-studios in London. He has been advising companies in seek of new stimulations and tools in order to read and develop their own identity. He helps these companies through his skills of art direction, graphic and strategic consultant.


Claudio Garosci

Milanese, I was born in 1982 and I studied cultural anthropology in Bologna.
In 2013 I co-found of PRESSO.
Since 2003 I have been in Editoriale Largo Consumo, where I am a board member.
Since 2008 I am also board member of Confindustria | Assolombarda.
I am interested in communication, marketing formats, consumptions and society.

Linkedin: Claudio Garosci


Nisha Gir

Owner Aibijoux. Aibijoux is Italy’s exclusive distributor for brands of bijoux (both international brands and niche designers) produced in different parts of the world. Thanks to a very strong experience in the high-end Fashion Jewelry industry, Aibijoux is a professional and commercial reality that keeps on growing. 


Cristina Gioacchini

Responsable Tuttomio Manifattura Rovellaschese. Manifattura Rovellaschese was born in the early 60’s, with the desire of combining creativity and the artisanal textile tradition from Como’s area. The original entrepreneurial project developed throughout the years following progressive steps, until the realization of a complete technic and productive structure which has as peculiarities quality, dynamicity, flexibility and technological avant-garde.



Lucia Giuliano

Director Abadir. She studied at Facoltà di Architettura di Palermo and Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya in Barcelona. Between 2000 and 2011, she collaborated with the Arata Isozaki y Asociados architecture studio in Barcelona. Since 2011, she works full time as director of Accademia Abadir. In 2013, she starts collaborating with Idlab (Milan), activating various experiments in blended learning, such as the Master Relational Design.


Home Staging School

Home Staging means space promotion. Since 2010, it has been training professionals with passion in this innovative real estate marketing field. Moved by the great success they gained, they organise the first Home Staging Festival that will take place during HOMI Smart: 4 days of events to network, explore new methodologies, best practices and business opportunities for this new innovative and increasing professional.



Houzz is the leading platform for home remodeling and design, providing people with everything they need to improve their homes from start to finish – online or from a mobile device. From decorating a small room to building a custom home and everything in between, Houzz connects millions of homeowners, home design enthusiasts and home improvement professionals across the country and around the world.



IAPPA! or Participatory Learning Encounters is a “crowd learning” platform promoting training meetings throughout Italy: courses, events, workshops, debates and any other activity with objectives of training and personal growth. Anyone can propose and take part in the meetings promoted by IAPPA! The meetings published in IAPPA! may be free or for a fee and can take place in a house, in a bar or in a park. IAPPA! prefers original meetings in unconventional places. On IAPPA! anyone can teach and learn.


Laboratorio Creativo Geppetto

Laboratorio Creativo Geppetto aims to renew the Italian handicraft, expression of the beauty and uniqueness of Made in Italy, through the connection between handmade design products and technology related to interaction and IoT.
They work with materials, electronic and code, creating new form of interaction and, as Pinocchio’’s father, Geppetto, build things and give them life with the help of an electronic Fairy with Turquoise Hair.


Claudia Lauretta

Industrial designer
likes to smile
lightness (of soul) lover
aspiring photographer
manga avid reader
dancer (under the star)
colored soul
the beautiful Sicily, my homeland
family, my fundamental point
water, my essence
watercolors, my favourite technique
Mendini, a Master for me
Klimt, an obsession
Milano, my second home



Ledworks is an Italian startup whose mission is to bring software innovation to the world of consumer and professional lights. Ledworks is the creator of Twinkly, a consumer Christmas tree light string, controlled via smartphone, available for Christmas 2016:  “internet of things” meets extraordinary light effects!



Light the Future

What brings us together is the light of a dream we have as the generation of the future, brave enough to face it, creative enough to draw it, artistic enough to dream it, but most of all able to create it.
Light the Future is a project of a group of young designers led and supervised by architect Edoardo Brambilla, who have studied, conceived, designed and created interactive lighting devices, all of them innovative in their own way.
Light the Future represents the strength of a dreamy and visionary youth projecting itself in the future for becoming its guiding light.


Felice Limosani

Artist and Multidisciplinary creative. He works in an international context for top brands, art galleries and cultural institutions. “Italo Globali” placed him as one of the most important italian innovators, known worldwide. His works combine artistic metaphors, design thinking and digital storytelling, blurring the boundaries between contemporary art, expressive creation and non conventional languages.


Elisa Loddo

She is a Sardinian fashion designer based in Milan.
Her travels through the fashion world began at the University of Florence, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Culture and Design of Fashion. Not only does her love for fashion explode here, but a deep passion for the art, architecture and design, and, above all, a real obsession with cinema. Returning to her island, she further deepens her passion for the fashion design world by dedicating herself to learning tailoring patternmaking techniques that allow her to finally bring her ideas to life. Her academic career culminated at Politecnico di Milano, where she specializes in accessories’ design and achieves her Master’s degree with a highly experimental and innovative thesis on Wearable Technologies, which led to a collection of multifunctional and interactive smart bags: the CY_BAG collection.

lorini tondo 2

Paolo Lorini

Design consultant. Paolo Lorini is an independent consultant and advisor in design strategy, management, communication.
He works as a cultural mediator between business and design.
His activity is focused on structuring, developing and delivering projects of business design, branding, design for experience, industrial design, and innovation.
He is invited speaker at lectures, seminars and workshops in Italy and abroad.
An Industrial Design graduate of Politecnico di Milano, he worked five years with Clino Castelli and six at Samsung.


Matera Design Weekend

A design festival and a series of events, workshops, meetings, in an informal and party atmosphere, in Matera. The main theme for the 2016 edition is Intangible Design.


Alessandro Mininno

CEO of Gummy Industries, a communication agency founded in collaboration with Fabrizio Martire. For two years, he worked as consultant for Expo 2015 social media, taking care of strategy and online media planning. In the past 10 years, he has been consultant for some of the biggest italian and international cultural institutions in the publishing sector.


Stefano Mirti

Founder & Partner IdLab. Designer and social media team responsabile at Expo 2015. Author of Il mondo nuovo, he has been exploring for many years the new frontiers in education: Design 101, Relational Design and many others. He teaches design at Bocconi university (CLEACC). In 2006, he is  one of the founders of IdLab (where is possible to view the projects he works or worked on).


Chiara Molinari

Designer, born in 1993 and raised in Terni, at the age of 19 years old she moved to Milan to cultivate her passion for decorative arts and to attend the Design faculty in Politecnico di Milano.
In the years of university she collaborated with Mambrò Design studio by Filippo Mambretti.
In 2015 she participated with the design group 3Sign at Open Design Italia, the exhibition market on self-produced design, and she won the prize “Design at Museum” assigned by MUSE.
Then she is invited to the first edition of Riccione Design Week and later to Macao International Design Exhibition and to Design Sartoriale of Schio. In addition to product and furniture design she developed a specific interest for graphics and illustration.


Rei Morozumi

He graduated in Industrial Design – Furniture at Politecnico di Milano, now he is attending the Master Degree in Product Design for Innovation in the same university. He was born in Valdagno (VI) in 1993, son of an Italian mother and a Japanese father and raised in Brianza. He has collaborated with Indulgi, meetings of mind studio, ranging from visual design for websites, furniture design and setting up of commercial spaces. Everything in an international environment.


Luca Nodari

Luca Nodari is a student at Politecnico di Milano. He was born in Bergamo in 1993, ha attended the scientific high school and in 2013 he enrolled to the course of Industrial Design – Furniture in Como. In 2015, thanks to the media center Orbita, he won the Porada International Design Award 2015. In 2016 he graduated with honors with a project called FOTOSINTESI, an interactive lamp.



Opendot is a FabLab, an open innovation and a research hub that was born from the need and the desire to create a space for rapid prototyping, research and experimentation. Opendot triggers shifts those have open source and technological know-how as opportunities of grow at educational, design and productive levels. Throughout a multidisciplinary approach, Opendot is a point of reference for companies who want to enforce their products and know-how across innovative develop processes. Promoters of Opendot are designers with a “maker” background who embrace the philosophy of collaboration and knowledge sharing, presenting themselves as a point of encounter among new competences and traditional knowledges.


Eugenio Orsi

Eugenio Orsi is the co-founder of Latte Creative, a creative agency on sociopolitical themes, born in 2011. Currently he is campaign manager for Riparte il futuro, an international campaign against corruption. In the last years he worked with many European big and small organizations. Latte Creative is in Rome, Turin, Brussels, London and Milan. It is formed by a team of more than 20 professionals that includes designers, developers, creatives, policy experts and project managers.

Andrea Paoletti

Andrea Paoletti

Architect, from 2005 to 2009 he worked for prestigious architectural and design studios in Italy and abroad. From 2009 to 2013 he was global head of Impact Hub’s Collaborative Design section. Since 2009 he designs spaces involving people in the creative process in order to create positive change, in Italy and abroad. As a designer, he collaborates since 2009 with entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and projects, using processes of open innovation.
Entrepreneur, he creates Casa Netural 2012, the first rural coworking and coliving space in Italy. In 2015 he founds Matera Design Weekend. He researches and writes about living spaces, co-design, social innovation, community building, co-creation, urban regeneration and rural villages.


Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini

One of the founders of Studio Kmzero, creative agency based in Florence that has been working since 2001 between digital typography experiments, branding and interaction design for retail and communication. He started his career as an illustrator and cartoonist and he has always been involved in research and education in the field of visual narratives and creativity. He was on the board of AIAP and is currently teaching Creative Process at IED Firenze. In his free time, he fills his notebooks of sketches, paints portraits, writes stories, fights against procrastination, has fun discovering the various uses made of the fonts he has developped with his partners at Zetafons, which have been downloaded in over ten million copies.


Mattia Perroni

Managing Director of Houzz Italia. Mattia started his career launching his own company based on his Master thesis project in Business Administration. He then worked for L.E.K Consulting in London, Monaco and Milan. In 2011, he joined Rocket Internet, launching Lazada in the South-East part of Asia and Jumia in Northern Africa. Mattia is now MD of Houzz Italia, the online platform leader in home renovation and design.

Isaia Piazzoli

I am Isaia Piazzoli, I live in the province of Como and I graduated in July 2016 in Industrial Design with the project HeartBeat, exhibited in fieramilano.
I am a design, culture, rock music enthusiastic and I am also active as a tutor for educational support in a cultural association. As a personal project I am developing with a frined, who is computer scientist, an idea for the promotion of the Italian small cities related to physical web!

Twitter: @Isaia_Piazzoli


Giulia Pitzolu

Graduated in Media Communication and with a Master’s in Fund Raising Management, responsible for sales training at NABA and Domus Academy.
Beyond the profession, since over 10 years she teaches marketing and communication both in academic and corporate environments, with a special focus on start ups and social innovation.


Politecnico di Milano

Politecnico di Milano takes part in Homi Smart with four wearable technology projects. Starting from digital technologies’ studies, new interactive accessories have been designed. The research has highlighted the impact of new technologies in fashion and especially into the fashion wearable technologies’ field, where functionality, beauty and interaction create a perfect relation.


Sergio Poma

An engineer seduced by communication, creativity always finds a way to come out! Years of experience in different fields, from human resources to managing, from retail to event planning, ending with communication, made him an excellent “contextualizator”. And then, there is passion! He loves new challenges like Home Staging School. During HOMI Smart they are presenting the first Home Staging Festival.


Paola Pozzoli

Paola Pozzoli

Co-founder and Marketing Manager of Digital Strategies for DESIGN. Valtellinese based in Milan, born in 1982.
Marketing & Communication Specialist for about 10 years, at first for a company and then as a consultant.
Education | Master in Economics at Bocconi and Master New Digital Professions at Il Sole 24 Ore.



PRESSO, the world’s first chain of spaces designed and furnished as your dream house and available at any time. For browsing the news at breakfast, for relaxing one hour while reading your favorite book or for being connected with the rest of the world via wi-fi, for a night with friends, for cooking together in a wonderful kitchen (without having to worry about the crusty wok and the twelve dirty tasting glasses…) before watching a movie in your private cinema. 800 m2 for sharing your passions. Six kitchens and six luxury living rooms, with everything you need to spend your time away from home as if you were at home. It is not a restaurant, nor a showroom or cinema, but an expression of your lifestyle. You choose what PRESSO is for you.



Headquartered in Switzerland, Punkt. was established by Petter Neby in 2008 with the idea of bringing a breath of fresh air into the consumer electronics market with outstanding, timeless products designed to do their job, without intruding on their owner’s time and attention. From the very beginning, renowned British industrial designer Jasper Morrison was on board as the company’s art director. The name Punkt. is taken from the Germanic word for ‘point’ or ‘full stop/period’, and was chosen to symbolise the way the company’s products are built around simplicity, clarity and focus.

Damiano Ramazzotti

Co-creator and project manager Makerland. Co-creator of Makerland, the first retail in a shopping center where Makers are able to sell their products to a large audience. He presently works as CEO of WeTipp, online platform for coworking and fablab communities. In the past, he was COO of Talent Garden, european network leader of coworking spaces for professionals in the digital area.

Federica Ricci

Graphic designer.
She focuses her work on publishing and uses visual communication to better use and understand information mechanisms. After her studies at the IUAV University of Venice, she moves to Amsterdam at the beginning of 2013 to live and work at Irma Boom’ book design studio and at the publishing house Frame Publishers. In the summer of 2015, she returns to Italy and settles in Milan to work as a freelancer and regularly collaborates with Corraini Edizioni.


Francesco Paolo Russo

Founder & CEO at To Be Srl | To Be Kids Srl. After high school, he studies at the Ascoli Piceno Faculty of Architecture SAAD and graduates with a thesis on Smart cities and new communication languages. While pursuing a personal research on Twitter, he meets his future business partners and merges into a company the passion for technological innovation with the ability to understand the physical space and the relationships it creates with people. For To Be & To Be Kids, he is in charge of data transmission through LED lighting and wins major awards.


Silvia Scaglia

Torinese graduated in Architecture, moved to Milan in 2013 to pursue her dream: to become a shoe designer. Graduated with full marks at the Politecnico of Milan in Design for the Fashion System, she specializes in Accessories Design. Her passion is best expressed during the development of her thesis project: a collection of high-end shoes that stems from the unity of functionality and style, which confirms his lively creativity, scrupulous detail and passion for high- quality materials . In her designs, Silvia loves to combine refined techniques of craftsmanship and materials of varying nature, with state-of-the-art design, to propose something new and sophisticated but durable and made in Italy.



Elena Scquizzato

Elena dedicates her life to communicate and make things beautiful. She observes, designs, writes, takes pictures, cooks. Her uncles are tailors and love good food. Trained as an architect, she attended the Master Relational Design. She currently deals with the marketing, content and events at Ca ‘de Memi, a family country house in Veneto. She is also Digital Project Manager at H-FARM, a reality that deals with the digital transformation of companies.

She is also Digital Project Manager in H-FARM, a reality dealing with companies’ digital transformations.


Fiorenzo Scroccaro

Communication Manager. He started his career at the beginning of the ‘90 at Came Cancelli Automatici spa as responsible for manifestations and communication B2B. In 2011 he took part of the extraordinary professional experience as Marketing Project Leader in the partnership between Came and Expo Milano 2015. He is PR & Communication manager of the Came group.


Francesco Sordi

Supervisor team ATANOR. Born in 1979, he graduates from Ca’ Foscari Venezia in 2006 with a degree in foreign languages and literature. From 2007, he works for the company Merotto Milani srl of Casier (TV), starting in production, he then joins the technical and commercial office. Since 2014, he is supervisor for the project ATANOR.



SOZAI is a material library specializing in Japanese exceptional craftsmanship for interior and fashion. Their selection is based on products highlighting the expertise of their suppliers and their wealth of crafts, from everyday life, intelligence and experience while reinterpreting them in a contemporary style. Their priority is to reconcile tradition and modernity, adapting their products to market demand.


Orazio Spoto

His job is to help companies, agencies and celebrities to have a correct approach with digital media.
He is also a trainer, a speaker, a coach and digital content producer.
He has an informative approach to visual storytelling, combining his digital communication and photographic skills.
He is founder of Igersitalia Association (the most important independent actor that spreads Instagram in the world) and founded the igersmilano and igerslombardia communities.
He is also a founder of the new association “obiettivo camera” that aims to promote through social networks the work of talented photographers.



Through a special application that recognizes specific hashtags, Tag’N’Gram collects, filters and prints shared photos in real-time on a customized template.
Take a picture! Keep in memory a special moment during concerts, fairs, new product presentations, weddings and social events.
Share it using the hashtag! Share your photo on social networks to reach your friends.
Collect your print! Tag’N’gram allows you to go beyond the digital world and to create a physical medium: a lasting memory associated with a custom template, different for each event.


TIM Open

TIM Open è un progetto innovativo di TIM rivolto ai developer e più in generale a tutti gli operatori IT e alle startup del Paese.
TIM Open è una community ed una piattaforma aperta all’interno della quale i developer possono fare business: in particolare, permette di pubblicare le migliori soluzioni sul marketplace B2B Nuvola Store di TIM e di utilizzare gli strumenti di sviluppo software, i servizi Cloud e, a breve, le Application Programming Interface (API) di importanti aziende italiane.
TIM Open rappresenta anche un’opportunità per favorire la ‘trasformazione digitale’ delle Piccole e Medie Imprese che, grazie alle applicazioni dei developer offerte dal canale di vendita di TIM, possono migliorare i processi di business e la propria competitività.



TwitterLab is a project by KailashWeb focussed on the development of new marketing techniques through the use of Twitter. Specialized in creating engagement during live tweeting or tweetchats. Corinna Caccianiga and Mery Greyss are co-founders: Web Content & Twitter specialist passionate of digital and social media.


Sara Venegoni

Marketing Responsable/ Key account manager  Emsa Italia. Her career starts in 1998 with Tedesco Kaiser for which she took care of Customer Service. Her desire of growth brought her to get to know a new german Brand, Berndes, for which she took care of the commercial side and started approaching the world of Marketing. In 2002 she joined Team Emsa Italia. Together with the country manager Knoll Christine, she developed a project of internal reorganization, focussing on the brand’s commercial potentials and new image.


Emanuele Vietina

Co-director of Lucca Comics & Games since 2007, he directed the development of marketing and sectors dedicated to gaming, fantasy publishing and home-entertainment and the design of the event in the context of monumental city. Creator of many edutainment and gamification projects, he scripted the learning object in Indire Dark Ride (2007), the Terre di Optimalia journey (awarded in 2008 for best educative initiative of the year with PLDA) and Scarty (2015/2016). One of the first exhibition curators in Italy dedicated to fantasy art and concept art developed for film and video game productions.


Zeta Bi Digital Ideas

Zeta Bi Digital Ideas is a flexible and dynamic web agency. We take care of our customers’ businesses and help them achieve objectives and important milestones. We collaborate with TIM to make our digital solutions available to Italian Companies, in the development of their businesses. With TIM Open, we will offer the solution “ZONA BUSINESS” allowing companies to manage their Facebook pages easily and dynamically. We help businesses find ideas and content adapted to the world of social media and publish them automatically from their Fan pages. An attractive and interesting social presence for greater followers and opportunities.